EXTEND™ System Upgrades

Extending the Life of Your Universal Testing Machine Investment

Universal Testing System Upgrade with Bluehill Universal
Instron is committed to ensuring that your investment in a testing system keeps pace with advances in computing technology and changes to testing standards while retaining compatibility with the latest software and accessories. Aging components can lead to unplanned downtime, which can delay results and ultimately bring portions of your business to a halt. System upgrades help mitigate this risk while opening the door to new capabilities, increased efficiency, and simplified testing.

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Replace At-Risk Components
Your Instron testing system is a key component of your day-to-day operations. It allows products to ship on time, research to move forward, and customer confidence to remain high. Because of its importance, any loss of function in your test system can be potentially catastrophic. A system upgrade allows you to replace the at-risk components of your legacy system with minimal downtime. Instron’s field service team performs all system upgrades on site at your location, completing most of them in less than one day.

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Bluehill Unviersal on Upgraded Universal Testing System

Simplify Testing Workflows
Bluehill® software is continuously improving, becoming easier to use and more secure while allowing users to be more and more efficient. Testing with Bluehill Universal helps to ensure compliance with the latest revision of testing standards while also simplifying workflows.

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Testing Accessories

Test More Efficiently with the Latest Accessories
Instron's latest accessories help you test more efficiently, more repeatably, and with less operator training. The latest automatic strain measurement and specimen measurement devices eliminate tedious manual operator steps, which can add time and introduce variability to your testing.

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Eligible Systems

Standard offerings for all 4400, 5500, and 5800 table model and floor model frames up to and including 250 kN capacities as well as engineered solutions for many other models. System upgrades are also widely available for static hydraulic testing systems.