General Purpose Hydraulic Fatigue

Servohydraulic systems are the workhorse of any laboratory.  They can perform a wide variety of low and high cycle fatigue, crack propagation, fracture toughness and other dynamic tests. Each system can be readily configured with appropriate sized servo valve, manifold and hydraulic power unit to suit the particular application.

All systems are equipped with the advanced features of the 8800 Digital Controller, Console Software and Instron’s unique fatigue-rated Dynacell™ load cells. WaveMatrix™ 2 Dynamic Testing Software provides the backbone for running many dynamic tests. Other application specific software modules, such as LCF3 or any of Instron’s Fracture Mechanics Suite, allows other standardized tests to be run.

These dynamic systems, when combined with Bluehill Universal and appropriate accessories, are ideal for running a variety of static tensile, compression, flexure, peel, tear and friction tests.

Servohydraulic Systems include:

Testing Systems