Instron Axle Test Rig at ZF Shanghai

The Overview

ZF is a global market leader in driveline and chassis technology with locations in around 40 countries. In the area of chassis technology, ZF offers complete front and rear axle systems for vehicles ranging from compact cars (such as the VW Polo) to SUVs (such as Daimler's M-class, BMW X5) and small vans (such as the Daimler Sprinter, VW Crafter).

As a load-bearing link between the wheels and the body, the axle transmits all loads and moments between the wheels and the vehicle body. These loads and moments result firstly from the drive power produced by the engine, and secondly from road unevenness and driving maneuvers.

Key objectives in the development of an axle system are:

  • Perfect tuning of the chassis for the vehicle concerned
  • Superior response to external influences
  • Low non-sprung mass through systematic weight reduction
  • Responsive, forgiving handling behavior through specially engineered components

The Challenge