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All Testing Solutions

180 Degree Peel Test Plastic Films
Adhesion Strength Testing of Bioadhesives
Adhesive Strength of Medical Packaging
AITM Airbus Test Method for determination of Compression Strength After Impact on Fibre Reinforced P
ANSI/AWS B4.0 Tensile Testing of Welds
API5L & ISO 3183 Tensile Testing of Pipe and Tube
Aramid Fiber Testing
AS 1391 Tensile Testing of Reinforcing Bar (Rebar)
AS/NZS 4766 Impact Test of Molded Polyethylene Tanks
ASTM A370 Tensile Testing and Bend Testing Steel Reinforcing Bar (Rebar)
ASTM A370 Tension Testing of Pipe and Tube
ASTM A370, A416, ISO 15630 Tensile Testing of Multi-Wire Strand for Prestressed Concrete
ASTM A370, A615, ISO 15630-1, BS4449 Tension Testing of Reinforcement Bar (Rebar)
ASTM A370, EN10002-1 Tension Testing of Structural Steel
ASTM A48 Standard Specification for Gray Iron Castings
ASTM A746 Specification for Ductile Iron Gravity Sewer Pipe
ASTM A938 ISO 7800 Torsion Testing Wire
ASTM C109 Compression Testing 2-Inch Concrete Cubes
ASTM C1550 Flexural Toughness of Fiber Reinforced Concrete
ASTM C170 Compressive Strength of Dimension Stone
ASTM C633 Adhesion or Cohesion Strength of Thermal Spray Coatings
ASTM C78 Flexural Strength of Concrete Beams
ASTM C880 Flexural Strength of Dimension Stone
ASTM C99 Modulus of Rupture of Dimension Stone
ASTM D 1004-13 Tear Resistance (Graves Tear) of Plastic Film and Sheeting
ASTM D 6110 Charpy Impact Resistance of Notched Plastic Specimens per ASTM D 6110
ASTM D1002, Adhesively Bonded Metal Specimens, Lap Shear Strength
ASTM D1037 Internal Bond Test Fiberboard and Wood Adhesives
ASTM D1238 - Testing High Fluidity Samples with a Piston Holding Device
ASTM D1238 Meltflow Rates of Thermoplastics by Extrusion Plastometer
ASTM D1335 Tuft Bind of Pile Yarn Floor Coverings
ASTM D1414 Rubber O-Rings
ASTM D1525 Determination of Vicat Softening Temperature of Plastics
ASTM D1621 Compressive Properties Rigid Cellular Plastics
ASTM D1708-13 Tensile Properties of Plastics by Use of Microtensile Specimens
ASTM D1876 Peel Resistance for Adhesives, T-Peel Test
ASTM D1894 Friction Testing of Plastic Film and Sheeting
ASTM D2256 Tensile Properties of Yarns by Single Strand Method
ASTM D2261 Tearing Strength of Textile Fabrics
ASTM D2444 Impact Resistance of Plastic Pipe and Fittings
ASTM D256: Izod Impact on Carbon/PPS Composites made from recycled carbon fiber
ASTM D2844 AASHTO T190 CTM 301: Moisture Exudation Test Compacted Soils
ASTM D2844 Resistance R-Value Compacted Soils Stabilometer
ASTM D3039 Tensile Testing Carbon Fiber Strips in Environmental Chamber
ASTM D3163 Tension Loading of Adhesively Bonded Rigid Plastic Lap-Shear Joints
ASTM D3364 Flow Rates for Poly Vinyl Chloride
ASTM D3763 High-Speed Puncture Properties of Plastics
ASTM D3822 Tensile Properties of Single Textile Fibers
ASTM D3835: Extrusion of neat and carbon reinforced polyether ether ketone (PEEK)
ASTM D3846 In-Plane Shear Strength of Reinforced Plastics
ASTM D4018 Tensile Testing Composite Tows using Automatic Extensometry
ASTM D412 Tension Test for Vulcanized Rubber and Thermoplastic Elastomers
ASTM D413 Rubber Property - Adhesion to Flexible Substrate
ASTM D413 Rubber Property-Adhesion to Flexible Substrate
ASTM D429 Rubber Property - Adhesion to Rigid Substrates
ASTM D4632 Grab Breaking Load and Elongation of Geotextiles
ASTM D5034 Breaking Strength and Elongation of Textile Fabrics Grab Test
ASTM D5035 Breaking Strength and Elongation of Textile Fabrics - Strip Method
ASTM D5587 Tearing Strength Fabrics by Trapezoid Procedure
ASTM D575-91 Method A Rubber Properties in Compression
ASTM D5930 Thermal Conductivity tests on molten plastics.
ASTM D6110 Determination of Charpy Impact Properties
ASTM D6272 Flexural Properties Plastics Electrical Insulating Materials
ASTM D6319 ISO 11193 Medical Gloves, Tensile Testing
ASTM D638-10 Poisson's Ratio for Plastics
ASTM D638-10 Tensile Properties of Plastics
ASTM D695 Compression Testing of Composites
ASTM D695 Compression Testing Rigid Plastics
ASTM D7136/D7136M-05 Measuring Damage Resistance of Composite to Impact Event
ASTM D7192 High Speed Puncture Properties of Plastic Film
ASTM D7269 Testing Aramid Cords: The Proper Grip
ASTM D790 Flexural Properties of Unreinforced and Reinforced Plastics and Electrical Insulating Materials
ASTM D882 Tensile Testing of Thin Plastic Sheeting
ASTM D885 Industrial Filament Yarns Made from Manufactured Organic-Based Fibers
ASTM D903 Adhesive Bonds, Peel or Stripping Strength
ASTM E18 Rockwell Test Method Using Ball Indenters
ASTM E18 Standard Test Method for Rockwell Hardness of Metallic Materials
ASTM E18 Standard Test Method Using Diamond Indenters
ASTM E18 Test Method Using Rockwell Test Blocks
ASTM E190, AWS B4.0 Guided Bend Test of Welds
ASTM E208 Drop Weight Test for Nil-Ductility Temperature of Ferritic Steel
ASTM E21 Elevated Temperature Tension Tests of Metallic Materials
ASTM E23 - Charpy Impact Testing CEAST 9350
ASTM E23 Charpy Impact Testing Sub-Size Specimens
ASTM E23 NIST Certified Results For Charpy Pendulum Impact Testing
ASTM E23, EN 10045-2, ISO 148, GOST 9454-78 Automated Impact Testing of Charpy and Izod Specimens
ASTM E290 Bend Testing of Material for Ductility
ASTM E517 & E646, Sheet Steel, R&N Testing with Video Extensometer
ASTM E8 Tensile Testing of Metallic Materials using Automatic Extensometry
ASTM E8 Tensile Testing of Thin Aluminum Foil Specimens Using Video Extensometry
ASTM E8 Tension Testing Metallic Materials - Shouldered End Specimens
ASTM E8 Tension Testing of Metallic Materials
ASTM F1306 Slow Rate Penetration Resistance of Flexible Barrier Films and Laminates
ASTM F1614 Impulse and Fatigue of Athletic Footwear Using Energy Control
ASTM F1717, Testing of Spinal Constructs, Static, Fatigue, Torsion
ASTM F2077 Characterization and Fatigue of Spinal Intervertebral Body Fusion Devices
ASTM F2079 and F2477 Stents, Tensile Strength Testing
ASTM F2256 Strength Properties of Tissue Adhesives by T-Peel Testing
ASTM F2267 Evaluating Spinal Intervertebral Body Fusion Devices Under Axial Compression
ASTM F2346 Characterization and Fatigue Testing of Spinal Intervertebral Disc Prostheses
ASTM F2412 - Impact Resistance - Safety Shoes
ASTM F2458 Wound Closure Strength of Tissue Adhesives and Sealants
ASTM F2516 Tensile Testing of Nitinol Wire
ASTM F2606 Three-Point Bending Balloon Expandable Vascular Stents and Stent Systems
ASTM F382 Flexural Fatigue Testing Metallic Bone Plates
ASTM F384 Metallic Angled Orthopaedic Fracture Fixation Devices
ASTM F543 Axial and Torsion Testing of Bone Screws
ASTM F543, ISO 6475 Torsion Testing Metallic Bone Screws
ASTM F606 Fastener Testing Bolt Test
ASTM F88 Seal Strength of Flexible Barrier Materials Using a 180-degree Peel Test
Automate with Fracta Software for Charpy & Izod Manual Pendulum Impact Testing (ASTM E23)
Ball Indent Test Fixture
Biomedical Components Testing Using an XY-Stage
BS EN 319 Perpendicular Tensile Strength of Particleboards and Fiberboards
BS EN 455-2 Testing Physical Properties Medical Gloves
BSS 7260 Post-Impact Compressive Strength of Composite Laminates
Bursting Strength of Textiles
California Test Method 366 Stabilometer Value Asphalt Concrete
Capillary rheometer tests on elastomers and rubbers.
Capillary rheometer tests on feedstock for Metal Injection Molding (MIM).
Carbon Fiber Uni-Directional Epoxidic Matrix
Component Testing: Electronics Keypad
Compression Testing Concrete Cylinders
Compression Testing of High Strength Concrete to ACI 363.2R-98
Compression Testing Spherical Seated Platens
Compression Torsion Fatigue Testing of Drill Bit Tips
Conveyer Belt Material Tensile Strength and Gripping Techniques
Drop Tower Impact Testing of Rocks and Stones
Durability and Fatigue Testing of Elastomeric Materials and Components
Durability Testing Shock Absorbers
Dynamic Fatigue Bend Testing Sintered Powder Metal Carbides
Dynamic Fatigue Testing Femoral Nails
Dynamic Investigation on the Influence of Inflation Pressure in Sports Balls
Dynatup Impulse Data Acquisition for Impact Testing Machines
Edgewise Drop Impact on Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) glass panels
EN 10002-1 Tensile Testing Metallic Materials
EN 12242 Peel Strength Touch and Close Fasteners
EN 14509 Shear Strength and Shear Modulus Roofing and Cladding Sandwich Panels
EN 1465 Lap Shear Strength, Adhesives, Rigid to Rigid Bonded Assemblies
EN 1719 Tack Measurement Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Loop Tack
EN 1939 Peel Adhesion Self Adhesive Tapes
EN 397 Compression Testing Industrial Safety Helmets
EN 50086-2-4 Conduit Systems, Cable Management Underground
EN 826 –Determination of compression behaviour of Thermal Insulation Products.
EN 868-5 Packaging Materials Heat Self-sealable Pouches Plastic Film
EN12089 - Determination of bending behaviour of Thermal Insulation Products.
EN12090 - Determination of shear behaviour of Thermal Insulation Products.
EN12430 – Determination of behaviour under point load of Thermal Insulation Products.
EN1607 – Determination of tensile strength perpendicular to faces of Thermal Insulation Products.
EN1608 - Determination of tensile strength parallel to faces of Thermal Insulation Products.
Evaluation of Radial Forces from Embolic Filters
F2516 Tensile and Cyclic Testing of Nitinol Wire using Automatic Extensometry
Fatigue and Fracture Testing of Tire Reinforcement Wire
Fatigue Testing of Compressor Valves
Fatigue Testing of Computer Keyboards
Fatigue Testing of Finger Implants
Fatigue Testing Stent Materials and Structures
FINAT Test Method 2 Peel Adhesion 90°
Fire Resistant Steel: High-temp testing related to ASTM E119
Flex Testing of Fiber Reinforced Concrete to ASTM C1609-10
Flex Testing of Hypodermic Needles
Flexure & Compression Testing: Cereal, Potatoes, Beets
Fracture Toughness Aluminum Characterization
Gel Strength Testing Gummy Candies
Grip Solution for Testing Polymer Hydrogels
Gripping Solutions for Tensile Testing to ASTM E8, A370, A48, and GOST 1497-1
HDT test on resins and composite with resin matrix
High Capacity Tensile Impact Testing
High Strain Rate Testing Metals
High-speed impact testing on dashboards
Hot Tensile Testing on Universal Testing Machines
Impact on golf-club grips
Impact on soccer shoes outsoles
Impact Performance of Cervical Disc Implants
Impact Performance of Composite Decking
Impact Performance of Concrete Beams
Impact Performance of Football Helmets
Impact Performance of Insulin Vials
Impact Performance of Medical Implants
Impact Performance of Medical Tools
Impact Performance of Pharmaceutical Tablets
Impact Performance of Polycrystalline Cutters/Drill Bits
Impact Performance of Polycrystalline Diamond Cutters
Impact Performance of Roofing Tiles
Impact Resistance - Fiber Cement Materials
Impact Resistance of Composite Arrows
Impact Resistance of Composite Materials - Nautical Applications
Impact Resistance of Hip Protectors
Impact Resistance of Plastic Shotgun Shell Wadding
Impact Resistance of Saw Blades
Impact Solutions for Handtools
Impact testing of horse-riding equipment for equestrian sports
Impact Testing of Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs)
Impact Tests On Orthopedic Implants
Impulse and Fatigue Damping Behavior of Shoe Soles and Athletic Footwear
In Vitro Microindentation of Bone to Determine Mechanical Properties
Intraocular lens testing
Intrinsic Viscosity estimation of PET from MFR tests
IS 1608 Tensile Testing Metallic Materials at Ambient Temperature
ISO 10113:2006 - Plastic Strain Ratio
ISO 10275:2007 - Tensile Strain Hardening Exponent
ISO 1133 Melt Mass-Flow Rate and Melt Volume-Flow Rate Thermoplastics
ISO 1133-2 and ASTM D1238: when Load Cell ensures Repeatability of Results.
ISO 11339 T-Peel Test Flexible to Flexible Bonded Assemblies
ISO 11343 Determination of Adhesive Bond Strength Under Impact (wedge-peel test)
ISO 11443 – Rheology of Heat-Curing Elastomers/Silicone at Room Temperature
ISO 11443 – Rheology of low viscosity fluid for spray application
ISO 11443 and ASTM D3835 tests to study Polymer Degradation
ISO 11443 Extrudate Swelling
ISO 11443 Fluidity of Plastics Using Capillary and Slit Die Rheometers
ISO 11443 Research, Design and Quality Assurance for Injection Moulding
ISO 11443, ASTM D3835 Determination of Properties of Polymeric Materials by Means of a Capillary Rhe
ISO 11897 Thermoplastic Flexible Film Packaging, Tear Propagation Edge Folds
ISO 13001 and ASTM D3479 Improving Throughput in Composites Fatigue Tests
ISO 13007 Shear Adhesion Test Fixture
ISO 13934-1 Tensile Properties Fabrics
ISO 13934-2 Tensile Properties of Fabrics
ISO 13937-2 Tear Properties of Fabrics
ISO 13937-3 Tear Properties of Fabrics
ISO 13937-4 Tear Properties of Fabrics
ISO 14125 Flexural Properties of Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Composites
ISO 14126 In-Plane Compressive Properties of Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Composites
ISO 14129 In-Plane Shear Stress/Shear Strain Response
ISO 14130 Determination of Apparent Interlaminar Shear Strength by Short-Beam Method
ISO 1421 Tensile Strength Elongation at Break for Rubber-Coated or Plastic-Coated Fabrics
ISO 14801 Dynamic Fatigue Testing Dental Implants
ISO 14801 Fatigue Testing of Pre-Angled Endosseous Dental Implants in a Fluid Bath
ISO 14879 Knee Testing: Fatigue of Tibial Trays
ISO 16402 Flexural Testing of Acrylic Resin Cements Used in Orthopaedics
ISO 17744 Determination of specific volume as a function of temperature and pressure (pvT diagram)
ISO 178 Flexure Testing of Plastics
ISO 178 Properties of Rigid and Semi-Rigid Plastics Under Defined Conditions
ISO 179-1 Determination of Charpy Impact Properties - Non Instrumented
ISO 179-2 Determination of Charpy Impact Properties - Instrumented
ISO 1798 Tensile Strength Flexible Cellular Polymeric Materials
ISO 180 Determination of Izod Impact Strength
ISO 1926 Rigid Cellular Plastics Tensile Properties
ISO 2062 Single-end Breaking Force and Elongation at Break of Yarns from Packages
ISO 20795-1 and 20795-2 Flexure Test of Base Polymers
ISO 22007 Determination of Thermal Conductivity and Thermal Diffusivity, General Principles
ISO 2411 Coating Adhesion Rubber-Coated Plastics-Coated Fabrics
ISO 306 Determination of Vicat Softening Temperature (VST)
ISO 34-1 - Rubber, Vulcanized or Thermoplastic – Determination of Tear Strength
ISO 36 Rubber Vulcanized and Thermoplastic Adhesion to Textile Fabric
ISO 37 Tensile Stress-Strain Properties of Rubber, Vulcanized or Thermoplastic
ISO 37, ASTM D412 Tensile Testing of Rubber and Elastomers
ISO 4587 Adhesives Tensile Lap Shear Strength Rigid to Rigid
ISO 527-2 (2012) Tensile Testing of Moulding and Extrusion Plastics
ISO 527-3 Tensile Properties of Films and Sheets
ISO 527-4 Tensile Properties of Isotropic and Orthotropic Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Composites
ISO 604 Compressive Properties of Plastics
ISO 6383-1 Tear Resistance Plastic Film and Sheeting
ISO 6603 – ASTM D3763: Quick impact at low temperature
ISO 6603-2 Puncture Impact Behavior of Rigid Plastics
ISO 6872 Flexural Strength Testing of Dental Ceramics
ISO 6892 Tensile Testing of Metallic Materials
ISO 6892-1:2009 Metallic Materials - Tensile Testing Steel Products
ISO 6892-1:2009 Tensile Testing Metallic Materials
ISO 7206-4, 7206-6, and 7206-8 Endurance and Fatigue Testing Artifical Hip Implant Prostheses
ISO 75 and ISO 306: HDT and VST tests on high temperature polymers
ISO 7886-1 Testing Sterile Hypodermic Syringes
ISO 8067 Flexible Cellular Polymeric Materials Tear Strength
ISO 813 Adhesion Strength of Rubber to Rigid Substrates
ISO 8256 Tensile Impact Tests on Playing Cards (PVC)
ISO 8295 Plastics Film and Sheeting, Coefficient of Friction
ISO 844 Rigid Cellular Plastics Compression Properties
ISO 9073-4 Tear Resistance Nonwovens
ISO/TS 11405 Tensile Adhesion and Bond Strength of Dental Materials and Adhesives
JIS Z2254 and Z2253, R and N Value of Sheet Steel using a Video Extensometer
Knee Testing: Laxity Studies
Low Force Dynamic and Fatigue Testing of Orthopaedic Micro-Implants for Fracture Fixation
Low Force Dynamic Fatigue Testing of Tissues and Biomaterials
Lower Force Dynamic Fatigue Testing Plastics
Low-Force Testing of Tissues and Biomaterials In Vitro
Mechanical Testing of Bimetallic Coins
Mechanical Testing Photovoltaic or Solar Cells
Medical Device Components Testing Using a Tapped Plate
Multi-Axial Stress States Cruciform Specimens
NASM 1312-13 Fastener Double Shear Testing
Needle Insertion Force Measurement: Multi-needle Test Fixture
Needles, Syringes, Plunger Force Testing
Non-Contact extensometry for Geosynthetics
Pin Pull Test for PCB
Process Optimization of Rubber Compounds using Capillary Rheometry Viscosity Measurements
Puncture Testing of Pharmaceutical Bottle Seals
Push-Through Test for Pharmaceutical Blister Packs
Radial Force Evaluation of Stent Grafts
Radial Strength Evaluation of Bioabsorbable Drug-Coated Medical Devices
Rheological tests on cap liners manufactured for plastic bottle caps
Rheology of compounded thermoplastic rubber used for processing tyres
Rockwell 2000 Tester
SATEC Series Custom 600 KN Tests Seals for NASA Orion Spacecraft
Seal strength and peel testing of packaging
Shear Adhesion Strength Testing Dental Materials and Adhesives
Soft Tissues Biaxial Planar Testing
Spring Simulation with the ElectroPuls
Stainless Steel Tubing, Advanced Video Extensometers, Tensile Testing
Stent Dislodgement Force from Balloon Catheter
Striking Back Safely
Surgical Tubing, Fittings, Catheters, Tensile Testing
Syringe Testing Fixture for Determining Force Required to Eject Fluid and Medication
Taking it on the Chin
TAPPI Standards Tensile Testing of Paper
Tensile Strength Composite Sandwich Constructions
Tensile Strength of Basalt Fiber Reinforced Plastic (BFRP) Rebar
Tensile Test of Fine Wires
Tensile Testing Cargo Nets
Tensile Testing Catheter Tubing
Tensile Testing Composite Laminates in a Chamber with Hydraulic Grips
Tensile Testing Composite Mesh
Tensile Testing Hair
Tensile Testing of Coir Fibers and Yarns
Tensile Testing of Composite Laminates using an Advanced Video Extensometer (AVE)
Tensile Testing of Composite Laminates using Automatic Extensometry (ASTM D3039)
Tensile Testing of Contact Lenses in a Temperature-Controlled Bath
Tensile Testing of High Strength Synthetic Rope
Tensile Testing of Hypodermic Needles
Tensile Testing of Medical Tubing and Catheters
Tensile Testing of Plastic Strapping Material
Tensile Testing of Soft Biological Tissues
Tensile Testing of Steel Cords
Tensile Testing of Surgical Sutures Using Straight-Pull and Knot-Pull Tests
Tensile Testing of Thin-Walled Surgical Tubing
Tensile Testing of Webbing Materials
Tensile Testing Polymeric Membranes
Tensile Testing Thin-Walled Surgical Tubing with a Long Travel Extensometer
Tensile Testing To NADCAP Alignment Standards
Test for liquid leakage at Syringe Piston under compression ISO 7886-1:1993 Annex D
Testing Medical Devices at Body Temperature
Testing sticky samples with MFT: procedures for barrel cleaning
Texture Profile Analysis of Three Different Varieties of Marinated Tofu
Tissue Adhesives Testing Using a Variable Angle Peel Fixture
Uniaxial Testing of the Esophagus
Video Extensometer Marking Techniques for Soft Tissue Testing
Wedge Impact Tests on FRP laminates used in Jet Bubbling Reactors
Wood Bend Testing
Wood Shear Testing
Wood Tension Fixtures